Ryutaro Matsuura

Creative Director

Ryutaro Matsuura


Born in 1975.
2001 Completed Master’s degree in Architecture, Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Kansai University
  Joined NOMURA Co., Ltd.
2020 RENS established
  Special feature on Ryutaro Matsuura of RENS, and the first special feature on an interior designer April Vol. of KJ, an architecture magazine

Born in 1975, Ryutaro majored in architecture at university and graduate school, joined Nomura Co., Ltd. in 2001, and established the design team RENS in 2020.
He works on borderless designs in a variety of fields, from specialty stores such as restaurants and boutiques, to high-end hotels, commercial facilities, and public facilities such as airports and museums.
His work has been featured in numerous media outlets both in Japan and abroad, and he is actively involved in seminars and university lectures, and guest posts for magazines.
In the April 2020 issue of the architecture magazine KJ, he became the first interior designer to be published in a special feature issue.
His activities have expanded worldwide, and he has won many awards both in Japan and overseas. He was selected as the only Japanese designer under the age of 40 active in Asia in the "40 Under 40" awards organized by Hong Kong-based architecture and design magazine, Perspective.
By interacting with clients and conducting research, understanding the history and context, focusing on the issues and substance, then crafting a focal point, he maximizes the value of spaces in his designs.
He values the sense of exuberance and magnanimity that comes from immersing oneself in a space, the elegance created through careful thought, and the texture that materials convey to the body. He believes that through the accumulation of these thoughts, the space will acquire character, become a universal presence, and be loved for a long time.
He aspires to continue contributing to the creation of many more spaces and to help steer society and the spirits of as many people as possible in a happy and prosperous direction.


2018 Award of Design Excellence, 37 th Display Industry Awards (Director-General for Commerce and Service Industry Policy Award, Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)
  Bronze Award, SDA Japan Sign Design Awards
2015 Hong Kong’s 40 UNDER 40 Awards
Selected as a designer under 40 who is a rising star in Asia in the 40 UNDER 40 Awards sponsored by Perspective, a Hong Kong architecture and design magazine
  Good Design Award for KLOS Koizumi Lighting Operation Studio
2013 Silver Prize, NEST Award, China International Space Environment Art Design Competition
2011 Grand Prix Award, JCD Kansai Best Designer Award
2009 Named to JCD Kansai’s Rising Designers Best 10 list
2006 Winner of the AICA Design Contest