IZA is a popular boutique that carries on-trend brands and items from around the world. We were tasked with the spatial design for the remodel of the flagship store, which has attracted many fans with its unique and trendsetting women’s fashions.

Getting inspiration from the logo designed in the image of “hope,” we installed a monument designed with rays of mood-creating light. The light given off by individual lamps breathes life into the space and creates an uplifting ambiance. We also designed a “crystal wall” in the store consisting of 21,600 pieces of cut glass. The light reflected off the glass in every direction sparkles like jewelry. This radiance serves to enhance the innate beauty of women and further amplify their appeal. Guests’ eyes are drawn to the center of the store, where a large mirror extends on a diagonal. Its cut face shines from the refraction of light, gorgeously highlighting both the space and women’s appearance.

Then the existing shape of the location is distinctive. The previous space had an underground parking garage, with an impressive design element of a series of steps leading down to it from its center. We placed the fitting rooms here and created lines of light leading down from the entrance to the central underground space to entice guests from outside who cannot see what this part contains. The image of descending down amid refracting light gives the impression of women being in the spotlight while going down to the fitting rooms, which is their stage.

We created the space by layering together these individual ideas much the way haute couture is structured, and with a sincere desire to have the space highlight the beauty and appeal of large numbers of women.

  • IZA
Year June, 2016
Location Osaka, Japan
Purpose Retail
June, 2016
Osaka, Japan