The Food Times

This large food hall has an area of approximately 1,000 m2. We created a dynamic space with a free and flowing feeling that connects to the surrounding environment. The design concept is “the captain’s space.” The image we had was of a private base for a captain who flies around the world. We were inspired by maintenance hangers and airplanes and put this inspiration into the design of each zone and the details. We threaded a story through these zones and details to deepen the appeal of the space.

With the thoughts of “The best trip begins with the best start,” and “If the wait time is more fun, the entire trip will be too,” we gave the seating areas in each zone unique designs to offer guests the ability to spend their time waiting according to their respective wants and needs. The zone close to the boarding area features a high counter so that travelers can easily have a drink and then quickly board their plane. The zone on the south side exhibits rare aircraft parts along a wall to create a museum-like seating area. This creates a place for new discoveries and lively conversation while spending out-of-the-ordinary time surrounded by aircraft components.

  • The Food Times
Year January, 2017
Location Fukuoka, Japan
Purpose Restaurant
January, 2017
Fukuoka, Japan