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  • Nov.2023

    Ryutaro Matsuura of RENS will be on stage at "Design Talk 2.0" presented by Sky Design Award & Merci Magazine.

    Sky Design Awards : Designtalk 2.0


    We are delighted to present the epitome of design discourse and innovation - the Sky Design Awards & Merci Magazine present "Design Talk 2.0."


    Experience profound insights and perspectives from eminent top leaders and visionary young designers as we take you on a captivating journey into the ever-evolving world of design. Discussion topics include mastering design dynamics for success in RFPs and sustainable business solutions as part of our lineup that aims to illuminate the design horizons. Our discussion will explore the dynamic perspectives shaping hospitality design and how to cultivate a creative mindset for global success. Taking a closer look at Japan and Hong Kong, China, let's put the spotlight on innovations in entertainment design. In addition to transcending boundaries, we will explore minimalist design in residential spaces across cultures. Witness the harmonious fusion of American classicism and Japanese craftsmanship on a grand global scale. We invite you to attend an enlightening symposium that fosters creativity and celebrates the melding of cultures and ideas. The future of creativity will be reshaped by a vibrant exchange of ideas, inspiration, and design excellence.


  • Oct.2022

    Ryutaro Matsuura from RENS will take the stage at the Japan Home & Building Show being held at Tokyo Big Site from Wednesday,

    October 26, to Friday, October 28. Please come and join us!


    Tokyo Big Site

    15:4016:30, Thursday, October 27



  • Sep.2022

    JCD Talk Lounge: Takahashi Tsukiichi #33

    Ryutaro Matsuura from RENS will be speaking.

    It would be great if you could join us.


    Moderator: Masaaki Takahashi

    Guest: Ryutaro Matsuura, RENS

    Date: Thursday, October 13, 2022

    Venue: Tokyo Design Center 5th floor, crafTec Gallery

    Time: scheduled for 19:00 – 21:30

    Participation fee: 1,000 yen, 40 people on a first-come, first-served basis

    Please register using the QR code form.


    Takahashi Tsukiichi #33

    The Japan Commercial Environmental Design Association (JCD) hosts a talk event,Takahashi Tsukiichi,

    that covers diverse and interesting aspects of space design. This time we welcome Ryutaro Matsuura from RENS as our guest.

    Ryutaro is one of the front runners leading the next generation of Japanese interior design.  

    Moderator Masaaki Takahashi will explore Ryutaro’s methods and philosophies.

    For more information, please visit the JCD website and access the profile.

  • Jun.2022

    Finding Focus and Creating Spaces Open to the Future


    An online seminar hosted by DAIKO Electric Co., Ltd. featuring a discussion between RENS’ Ryutaro Matsuura and DAIKO Electric Co., Ltd. TACT’s Takahiro Nishimura will be held from 16:00 to 17:30 on Friday, June 24.

    We hope you will be able to watch it.


    Capacity is limited to 1000 people (first-come-first-served basis)

  • May.2022

    BAMBOO EXPO 17 talk session

    Ryutaro Matsuura of RENS is participating in a talk session.

    Talk session: Yohei Akao (Strickland)
    × Aiji Inoue (Doyle Collection)
    × Ryutaro Matsuura (RENS, NOMURA)

                Moderator: Makoto Oikawa (BAMBOO MEDIA)                             

    Date & time: 4:00 – 5:50 p.m., Thursday, May 26, 2022

    Location: Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Trade Center Hamamatsucho-kan 2F (1-7-1 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo)

  • Aug.2020

    DAIKO Webinar: “Spatial Design and Light Driving Success”
    Live-streamed Zoom seminar held from 4:00–5:30 p.m., Friday, August 28, 2020
    Ryutaro Matsuura of RENS, NOMURA and Takahiro Muranishi of DAIKO TACT

  • Oct.2019

    Seminar with ADVAN, Ryutaro Matsuura of NOMURA, and Kenichi Shiota, editor in chief of monthly magazine Shotenkenchiku
    ・Date & time: Talk session at 5:30–6:40 p.m., Wednesday, October 30, 2019
    ・Title: Design Methods to Give Spaces Distinctive Character, Starting from Building Materials Selection and Materials Development
    ・Location: Tokyo showroom of ADVAN Group

  • Oct.2018

    LIVING & DESIGN 2018 seminar
    “BORDERLESS: Design Transcending Boundaries, and Its Materials”
    Ryutaro Matsuura, NOMURA Co., Ltd.
    1:30–2:30 p.m., Friday, October 12 (1,000 yen, capacity of 200 people)

  • Nov.2017

    7:15–8:45 p.m., Friday, November 17, 2017
    Shotenkenchiku seminar 2017
    Theme: Originality of Commercial Spaces, Getting Inspiration from Materials
    Guests: Ryutaro Matsuura of NOMURA, Keisuke Nakamura of Daikei Mills
    Moderator: Kenichi Shiota, editor in chief of monthly magazine Shotenkenchiku

  • Nov.2014

    4:00 p.m., November 19, 2014
    Presentation at the Japan Home & Building Show 2015, Tokyo Big Sight

  • Oct.2014

    Ryutaro Matsuura, instructor for vol. 1 of the DSA Communication Seminar 2014
    October 22, 2014

  • Mar.2014

    Theme: Next Generation
    Date & Time: 2:00–3:30 p.m. (registration open at 1:30), Wednesday, March 5, 2014
    Location: Tokyo Big Sight
    Panelists: Hisaaki Hirawata and Tomohiro Watabe, representative of MOMENT
    Takeshi Sano, representative of SweeT
    Ryutaro Matsuura, Creative Director, NOMURA
    Moderator: Reiji Yamakura, editor in chief of monthly magazine Shotenkenchikuカレンダー/entry-571.html/

  • Feb.2011

    JCD/DAIKO symposium series
    East Gathering Tokyo 2011
    Various Design, Various Value
    February 15
    Tsubaki Salon (Ginza COREDO)
    Symposium and talk session with Ryutaro Matsuura, Taisuke Kamigaichi, and Shigeki Hattori