News - 2019

  • Oct.2019

    Contribution to Real, Virtual, Space Design, a DSA 60th anniversary publication

  • Oct.2019

    Seminar with ADVAN, Ryutaro Matsuura of NOMURA, and Kenichi Shiota, editor in chief of monthly magazine Shotenkenchiku
    ・Date & time: Talk session at 5:30–6:40 p.m., Wednesday, October 30, 2019
    ・Title: Design Methods to Give Spaces Distinctive Character, Starting from Building Materials Selection and Materials Development
    ・Location: Tokyo showroom of ADVAN Group

  • Sep.2019

    “Pursuit of Timeless Store Design” special feature commemorating the 800th issue of Shotenkenchiku, September 2019 issue of Shotenkenchiku
    Contributed “Store Design That Impressed Me, and Now”

  • May.2019

    Council for Discussing the Approaches to Specifying Efforts toward the Expo 2025 Osaka Kansa
    Attended the Working Group for Specifying the Implementation Plan of the Expo 2025  Location: Osaka​ Prefectural Government Sakishima​ Building

  • Feb.2019

    Kojima Dental Clinic appeared in the February 2019 issue of Shotenkenchiku