KLOS Koizumi Lighting Operation Studio

This project was to create a showroom for LED lighting from Koizumi Lighting. Located on the 12th floor of a tall building and surrounded by windows on three sides, the space offered an abundance of natural light, and our goal was to capitalize on this setup.

Lighting showrooms typically shut out natural sunlight to showcase the man-made light. However, human life needs sunlight to exist and sunlight plays an indispensable role in our daily lives as well as in our health and biological rhythms, while its effective use also helps conserve energy. We wanted the space to create the experience of “the relationship with natural light that people take for granted in their daily lives” throughout the entire showroom.

First, we used custom-made fabric with a high degree of transparency to softly communicate the presence of natural light through the visual sense. Textile designer Yoko Ando created this fabric for us. This partitioned the entire space into four sections and controlled the natural light in stages. The sunlight is strongest near the windows and gets weaker the further you go into the room, while the artificial light gains presence. This enables “layers of light” with different qualities to form in stages.

The completed showroom lets visitors reexamine the beauty of light itself and effectively communicates the commitment and philosophy of Koizumi Lighting, while also introducing a new and original showroom style.

  • KLOS Koizumi Lighting Operation Studio
Year October, 2013
Location Osaka, Japan
Purpose Showroom
October, 2013
Osaka, Japan