Japanese restaurant Nakanoshima

Nakanoshima is a popular symbol of Japan’s city of water, Osaka. Its many rivers gave rise to convenient water transportation, and it has played a major role in the development of Osaka as a center of commerce and business as well as information and cultural exchange. The Rihga Royal Hotel has built its own legacy in Nakanoshima, and we wanted to create a restaurant for its top floor that maximized its spectacular views while highlighting the appeal of the area.

The restaurant’s interior theme of “water and lights” takes inspiration from the glittering lights reflected on the rivers flowing around the island of Nakanoshima. The original artwork as well as the carpet and glass partitions all project this theme in an integrated spatial design.

We designed the central, raised area of the restaurant to symbolize Nakanoshima itself, and the lower areas around it represent its famous Dojima and Tosabori rivers. This design adds height variation to the restaurant’s sightlines, and ensures that the views can be enjoyed while reducing direct lines of sight between tables. The design of the booth seating in the central area is inspired by the warehouses that were said to line Nakanoshima during the Heian Period (794–1185). The four-sided frames adds defined contours to the space and creates a feeling of privacy. The private rooms at the very back features works of art by famous painters that were in the hotel’s collection, elevating the space with the artistic refinement that Nakanoshima is also known for.

It gives us great pleasure to give physical form to the qualities that make Nakanoshima special throughout the restaurant space, and we hope that its many guests feel the appeal of Nakanoshima in the space as well.

  • Japanese restaurant Nakanoshima
Year March, 2013
Location Osaka, Japan
Purpose Restaurant
March, 2013
Osaka, Japan