All Day Dining REMONE, Osaka

"RIMONE”, a restaurant surrounded by a beautiful garden, opened on the ground floor of the RIHGA Royal Hotel Osaka boasting a capacity of 262 customers.

Our first thought was that we should take full advantage of the view of the charming garden. We took into consideration the line of vision and the interior layout so that customers can have good views of the garden both from the corridor of the hotel and from the restaurant itself. We also created the lighting for the plants in the garden and a terrace over the pond with several tables so that costomers can enjoy dining there. By the same token, we fused the outdoor garden with the restaurant by laying a carpet featuring a pond and plants. ln this way, the simple and dark colored interior design of the restaurant gave precedence to the garden.

Another challenge was to create an impressive buffet counter. Therefore it has a sweeping shape with the length of 26 m surrounding the open kitchen and the small Japanese garden. Thus we created a “stage” where customers can enjoy chefs’ performance and have good talks with them.

REMONE offers customers the harmony of Nature, Cuisines and Conversations.

  • All Day Dining REMONE, Osaka
Year July, 2011
Location Osaka, Japan
Purpose Restaurant
July, 2011
Osaka, Japan