Hankyu Men’s Tokyo

The Ginza and Yurakucho area has made great contributions to the modernization of Japan. The Yurakucho Hankyu Department Store, which has carved out a thriving history of some 26 years in this sophisticated and bustling commercial district, was remodeled as Hankyu Men’s Tokyo. Our concept for the project was “Smart Allure.” With the theme of the sex appeal of men active on the world stage, who are the store’s target, we considered an environmental design that would increase the allure of this appealing district.

The partitions set up throughout the building are translucent and highlight the qualities and expression of the materials. They create enticement on each floor that prompts interest in what is seen and what is hidden. In addition, as the client also wished to honor the history of the previous department store, the marble columns on the first floor were preserved and encased in gray-tinted glass representing the co-existence of tradition and innovation. The first-floor lobby where cosmetics are displayed combines contrasting elements such as straight and curved lines and mirrored and matte surfaces to give the space the same dual nature that many charismatic men have. The space is embellished with this design direction throughout, such as in the chrome-plated spheres of the chandelier and in the louvers on the facade.

We hope that mature men, who exude both dignity and sex appeal, savor and elevate their individuality in this space and then spread their wings to the world.

* Details are current as of Hankyu Men’s Tokyo’s opening in 2011.

  • Hankyu Men’s Tokyo
Year September, 2011
Location Tokyo, Japan
Purpose Commercial facilities
September, 2011
Tokyo, Japan
Commercial facilities