Hall of Manufacturing Ingenuity, Panasonic Museum

The Hall of Manufacturing Ingenuity in the Panasonic Museum opened in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of Panasonic Corporation’s founding. We wanted the museum to not only exhibit products, but also communicate the thoughts of Panasonic founder Konosuke Matsushita and Panasonic employees.

We therefore used “letters” to symbolize delivering ideas as a key motif. These are called “thank you letters” and are displayed using various tools to communicate the words of Mr. Matsushita and Panasonic’s manufacturing DNA in interesting ways. In addition, the "To Panasonic letter" project delivers messages from visitors. Many heartwarming letters have been received, creating a space for bilateral communication and interaction.

The various zones start with a showroom that condenses 100 years of history. The space allows visitors to immerse themselves in famous home appliances from the company and feel their history firsthand. The masterpiece gallery introduces Panasonic’s products through its history using six thematic concepts. Exhibits designed from the point of view of user benefits make apparent the connection between home appliances and daily life. We invited Takahiro Matsuo from Lucent Design to create the History Wall, an interactive space where visitors can experience the history and evolution of home appliances.

Running through Konosuke Matsushita’s philosophy and spirit of manufacturing is the enduring desire to bring happiness to people's lives through the production of goods. Nothing would make me happier than having as many people as possible come here and feel his philosophy and spirit, and having this space serve as a bridge to the next 100 years.

• Details are current as of the Museum’s opening in 2018.

  • Hall of Manufacturing Ingenuity, Panasonic Museum
Year February, 2018
Location Osaka, Japan
Purpose Museum
February, 2018
Osaka, Japan