Jojoen Shinjuku Odakyu Halc Restaurant

The celebrated yakiniku (Korean BBQ) restaurant Jojoen was founded in 1976. This project was to design the approximately 820-m2 flagship restaurant, one of the largest restaurants in the Shinjuku Odakyu Halc space. The restaurant’s name comes from foreign guests describing the sound of the sizzling meat as “jo jo.” For yakiniku restaurants, the mouth-watering sound of sizzling meat is essential to the space. Getting inspiration from this sound, we wanted to create a restaurant where the sound of grilling meat and the space work in harmony to make yakiniku taste even better.

So first we attempted to visualize the sound of sizzling meat as a frequency diagram, and then used that as the starting off point for interior installations created together with artists. Materials that suited each area, such as Nishijin brocade, acrylic, stone, and glass, were used in installations to make the dining space stand out. Nishijin brocade in particular is a traditional weaving method from Kyoto that offers endless creativity, and its wealth of expression in the space exceeded our initial idea. We chose acrylic for the finish surrounding the hall seating for its ability to allow guests to see through it to the windows. The acrylic material was carved and engraved in a continuous form like a tone being played. A piano was installed as a symbolic sculpture that visually evokes the image of sounds spreading out in the space. In addition, original background music was produced for the restaurant to enhance the harmony with the space.

Getting inspiration from the history of the restaurant, our plan intended to enhance the relationship between the food, the space, and the sounds. I hope that the space resonates with guests on a sensory level and increases the intensity of the happiness provided by the food.

  • Jojoen Shinjuku Odakyu Halc Restaurant
Year November, 2019
Location Tokyo, Japan
Purpose Restaurant
November, 2019
Tokyo, Japan