Morinomachi Grace, a shopping mall and commercial complex located in the center of Okayama City, is being developed with an eye on the next 100 years and aims to make Okayama a world-class destination. We were in charge of the space design for WONSETO FOODHALL, located in the Morinomachi Plaza, a commercial and healthcare facility within the complex. We were asked to create a space that would bring out the uniqueness of Okayama and convey the charm of the Setouchi region.  

The Setouchi region is blessed with a beautiful landscape comprising many islands, a warm climate, and a rich tapestry of nature. We aimed to create a comfortable and serene dining space inspired by this natural beauty. Leveraging the long and deep characteristics of the building’s architecture, we created an atrium approximately 70 meters in length to express expansiveness across the space. Wave-shaped louvers evoking the majestic calm and undulating movement of the waves, wind, and airflows of the Seto Inland Sea cover the ceiling. They serve as a visual symbol conveying the gentle lapping of waves and the slow passage of time, connecting the entire facility and generously enveloping the entire seating area in a relaxing atmosphere.

Additionally, a “hill-like” staircase was set in the center of the area, connecting the “terrain” of the first and second floors and creating a new community space. It serves as a place of relaxation, where people can find a comfortable spot of their choosing. It can also be used as a stage or seating area for events and other gatherings where various information can be disseminated. It was designed to inspire action and draw out future possibilities. Furthermore, so that visitors can experience the charm of the area first-hand, the chairs and sofas are made of denim, which is representative of industry in Okayama, with outer and inner fabrics used to create variation. 

We hope this food hall will be cherished for a long time as a space that conveys the charm of Okayama and the Setouchi area, and through delicious food, nurtures Okayama’s future dreams and aspirations.